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Areas of Expertise

One on One Therapy 

Available for ADULTS. Experience one on one therapy to explore your core issues. After a thorough assessment, your therapist will create a treatment plan and discuss your main goals. Sessions are 50 minutes through an online platform. Currently servicing California and Texas residents. Rate is $165.Private Pay. We provide superbills and accept HSA cards.

Group Therapy

Available for ADULTS. Experience community healing through the power of group therapy. Groups can range from 5-10 attendees and revolve around specific topics. The following groups are offered: Bereavement, Everyday Grief, Grief and New Motherhood, Struggling with Purpose, and Who Am I? Identity Exploration. Groups are 75 minutes and are a virtual format. Rate is $50 per session. Currently servicing California and Texas residents. Private Pay. We provide superbills and accept HSW cards accepted.


Group Descriptions

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Ecotherapy Day Retreats

Available for ADULTS. Experience healing against the backdrop of nature. Sessions are offered seasonally in Los Angeles, CA. Private Pay. Rates vary.

Topics of Focus
  • Grief

  • Childhood trauma/inner child issues

  • Self-esteem/self-love

  • Existential concerns (meaning of life, purpose, motivation)

  • Eating Disorders

  • Body Dysmorphia

  • Identity shifts/complexities (gender/sexuality/religion/stage of life/role strain/ethnicity intersectionality)

  • Stress management/coping skills

  • Managing mood disorders 

Our Approach

We center your strengths and internal resources in our work with you. Acknowledging the tools and knowledge that you intuitively bring in this lifetime, and have carried from the lifetime that precedes you.

Therapy is a powerful form of healing; however, a holistic approach takes into consideration modalities outside of traditional talk therapy to both engage the body and the spirit. 

At the core of our approach is the focus on mindfulness. The practice of connecting to the present and being aware of what is occuring within and immediately around us. Engaging in mindfulness allows for us to connect to the power of all our senses and integrate tools deepen our awareness of self. Arts, sound, storytelling, stillness, visualization, affirmations, and gratitude reflections are important practices that ancient cultures have always used to reach higher states of consciousness. So, we use them in the present, to honor the practices of the past, and re-connect the lost, disconnected, and dis-eased versions of ourselves, to a state of grounded fulfillment, safety and contentment. 

Interested in learning more about our interventions?

Click on each to read more about each approach.

Brainspotting- this non-talk approach allows for deeper processing and healing. It puts your body at the center of the healing process.

Ecotherapy- brings nature as a teacher and healer into the therapeutic process.

Existential Therapy- challenges clients to explore the concepts that shape their identity and meaning of life

Transpersonal Therapy- illuminates the connection between the mind, body and spirit 

My Approach
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