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BE Infinite Therapy

Holistic Psychotherapy Services

BE Infinite Therapy offers a non-traditional approach to therapy that promotes a trauma-informed, social justice centered, and intuitive approach to healing. Therapists focus on using modalities and interventions that support individuals re-connecting to the strengths and spiritual consciousness that exists within. 

Areas of Expertise

One on One and Group Therapy utilizing Brainspotting, Ecotherapy, Existential Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, and De-colonized Approaches to Healing

We service high-functioning individuals, who may be struggling with identity, coping skills, and connecting to self due to the impacts of capitalism, institutionalized oppression, intergenerational trauma, grief, and childhood trauma.

We use interventions and therapy modalities that promote connection to Earth, self, ancestry, and spirituality. 

Sessions are online or in nature settings (in LA). Sessions are $165 for 45 mins. 


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